Toronto, ON 416 491
For just over a year, I was Executive Director of Toronto East Counselling and Support Services, a community-based adult mental health agency. For a number of reasons, many of long standing, the agency was faced with significant issues in both human resources and labour relations. Addressing these skillfully was a high-priority focus for the immediate stability and future life of the agency. In order to deal with these critical areas effectively and fairly, Pesce & Associates was contracted for a period of several months. Ian McArdle’s professional knowledge base and his skill with dealing with people in a difficult situation were evident from the beginning. He made a significant impact in helping bring contract negotiations to a successful conclusion very quickly, and also helped greatly in identifying and dealing with the many complex HR aspects of the merger. At all times, his work was openly consultative, on target, gracious, and very professional.

Milton Orris
Interim Executive Director
Toronto East Counselling and Support Services