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Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care serves the elderly as a hospital, a home for the aged, a leading research facility for brain functioning and aging as well as through its many other services. We employ 2,000 unionized and non-union staff in the many different roles required to fulfill this mandate. Over the previous 3 years I have had several opportunities to rely on Pesce & Associates in order to improve upon and to deliver the valued Human Resources and Labour Relations services required by this organization. The range of expertise that Pesce & Associates Consultants have provided to Baycrest includes recruitment, pandemic/disaster planning and Human Resources generalist support. The Consultants from Pesce & Associates were professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. In addition to the services from Pesce & Associates Consultants I have been fortunate to be able to rely on the experience and wisdom of Angelo Pesce in matters related to labour relations, organizational change and talent management. His years of experience in the field have been an asset to Baycrest and to me personally and professionally.

Manson Locke
Former Manager, Labour and Employee Relations
Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care