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Employee Retention

It is always a fine balance between attracting new talent and retaining key employees, especially in today’s competitive recruitment market. There is a greater loss to an organization, beyond turnover and productivity cost, when key skills and talents cannot be maintained. Employee turnover can also be a symptom of a deeper issue that is negatively affecting the workplace.

Today, organizations are seeking ways to keep valuable, contributing employees. Therefore, it is important that retention initiatives recognize and understand what employees value while complementing the organization’s needs.

employee retention

We can:

  • Develop retention strategies and programs that engage and retain key employees while recognizing the organization’s culture (eg. work/life balance, health and wellness, performance recognition initiatives, etc.)
  • Assist in evaluating whether existing strategies complement the mission, vision and values of the organization
  • Review existing orientation process and succession planning initiatives
  • Identify and assist in the implementation of employee development programs (e.g. mentoring, cross training, etc).
  • Investigate and identify barriers negatively affecting the workplace

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