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Assessment Tools

Pesce & Associates has an established partnership with Self Management Group (SMG) in order to bring assessment tools to our clients enabling them to use objective means for attracting, selecting, retaining and developing high potential employees. The tools use advanced statistical methods that have been scientifically validated to help any organization – from small to large - with selection and training as well as employee, leadership and organizational development decisions.

The tools are easy to use and cost effective. Tools available through Pesce & Associates include:

  • Screening – Quick assessment tools for targeting and screening a high volume of applicants for leadership as well as all other sector specific roles.
  • Selection – In-depth normative psychometric profiles that assist with predicting performance and retention potential for candidates and current employees. These tools are available for a variety of roles within an organization. The reports from the profiles provide interview questions, coaching suggestions and can be benchmarked to the roles in the organization for selecting future top performers.
  • Organizational Effectiveness Survey – A web-enabled scientific tool that allows organizations to survey the perceptions of employees to find out how well the organization is doing and pinpoint critical intervention strategies.
  • Team Pro – Assessment tool and report that identifies the strengths and potential areas of growth of the individual team members based on personality, attitudes, emotional intelligence, cognitive abilities, and leadership potential as well as how the team members’ character traits and attitudes contribute to the team’s success.
  • Employee Engagement Surveys – Survey tool that supplies and administers employee engagement surveys based on best practices, enabling organizations to gather the crucial data needed to drive sustainable improvement.
  • 360 Degree Performance Reviews – A multi-rater assessment tool that provides leaders, managers, and employees with structured, practical feedback regarding specific competencies, strengths, and styles.

    Please see the following sample reports:

    · Sample 1
    · Sample 2
    · Sample 3
    · Sample 4

    Contact Angelo Pesce, Managing Partner, at or 416-491-1501 ext. 22 to discuss how we can help you create a stronger and engaged workforce with these tools.

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