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With the high level of discontentment over traditional performance management practices, many organizations are trying to find alternatives to manage performance.  Modern workplaces are evolving their performance management processes for the delivery of greater productivity.  The traditional performance management strategies are largely viewed as ineffective in improving productivity and employee engagement.  The performance evolutionary process has led to a shift in focus from the traditional annual reviews to creating high performance conditions for employees.  Leading companies have seen the light and have adopted performance coaching as an integral aspect of performance management.   

As the shortcomings of the traditional performance strategies are showcased, the debate of whether to scrap the system or proceed on the same path continues.  However, despite the need to have monitoring functions in place – tracking, reviewing trends, ensuring fairness and consistency, and satisfying HR requirements - research has shown that they do not mirror the performance coaching standards that companies seek.  The key to sustaining a high-performance culture is embedded in creating the right conditions.  

As performance management remains a business imperative, organizations will have to figure out the best approach amidst the myriad of approaches put forward. 

We can:

Support you in building a framework with six essential conditions that are interdependent:

  • Purpose – Promoting an environment where employees feel their work is not futile and can have an impact on performance.

  • Challenge -  Creating suitable stretch goals that are monitored with the readiness to adjust where necessary.

  • Attention – Encouraging a climate where descriptive praise is normal and continuous feedback is rendered.

  • Growth – Promoting a pathway of growth for each employee to ensure the collective growth of everyone.

  • Recognition – Creating reward systems that are fair and focused on the receiver.

It is time to concentrate resources in areas that will create the conditions for people to flourish and perform at their best.  Pesce & Associates have a team of consultants with the expertise to transform your performance management culture for enhanced productivity.  We understand the aspects of the performance management system that need to go and what is essential to keep.  We will build the capabilities of your management team to create the right behaviour to coach employees and raise productivity levels.