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Build A Respectful Workplace


The trend toward increased workplace diversity has set the stage for employers to regard respect as an essential cultural element.  A respectful workplace promotes human rights, personal dignity, and health and safety. Workplace legislators and human resource departments have done their part in developing processes to manage complaints of harassment, bullying and violence in the workplace. However, we have for too long focused on distinguishable physical characteristics, ignoring the deeper issues that involve generational differences, work styles, cultural beliefs and behavioural tendencies that may impact workplace behaviours. The dynamics and complexities of the changing workforce and the need for a collegial work environment have compelled us all to act at building respect in the workplace.   

A workplace that embraces respect creates more productive and engaged employees. Companies in search of a competitive edge are leveraging respect to foster a culture of collaboration, synergy, cooperation and high performance. Pesce & Associates through research and practice has the consulting solutions to help your organization. 

We can:

  • Lead team building initiatives to help restore team cohesiveness. 

  • Implement effective techniques for intervention and dealing with conflict.

  • Develop policies to govern health and safety as well as harassment and discrimination to support a violence free workplace.

  • Conduct training for leadership and staff where participants learn:

    • Why it is important to have a safe civil workplace.

    • What legislation governs health and safety in the workplace including key definitions and principles.

    • Current research on matters related to the safety of workplaces including behaviour that is not addressed in legislation.

    • What employers can do to ensure that they fulfill their statutory obligations and work to address underlying workplace issues not covered by the law.

    • The types of conflicts that arise, why conflict is inevitable and how conflict can be seen as an opportunity for improving the workplace.

    • How to develop and implement conflict resolution policies and practices to support an environment where conflict is managed proactively before it leads to incivility.

Contact us today and let us get you started in building a culture of respect and civility at your workplace.