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5 Things to Get Right in this New Decade
As we move forward, here are some things we should observe and try to get right...

Psychologically Safe Workplace
There are no losers when it comes to creating a psychologically safe workplace. The impact of a psychologically healthy...

Future Proofing HR
Digital technologies have reshaped the modern workplace, demanding new types of skills and a change in work culture...

Employee Relations
Employees are an organization's greatest asset. Investing in your people can lead to great rewards

Organizational Review and Effectiveness
The more employees are engaged in their work and in the values and goals of the organization, the

Performance Management
Performance management is an on-going process in which the manager and the employee work together

Policy Development
Human Resources policies and procedures are important because they provide a framework for

Compensation & Pay Equity
A compensation program must be linked to the organization's human resources philosophy and serve as

Labour Relations
A unionized environment provides many challenges, as well as opportunities for building common

In the next decade, organizations are going to be challenged by the decreasing number of people in

Effective training and development can help your staff at all levels to acquire the competencies

Employee Retention
It is always a fine balance between attracting new talent and retaining key employees, especially

Assessment Tools
Pesce & Associates has an established partnership with Self Management Group (SMG) in order to

Workplace Investigations
Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Ontario Human Rights Code, Employers have a